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Quality Coder – Taking Your Ideas and Translating them into PHP Applications

From interactive Web applications and backend databases to innovative apps for smart phones and tablets, you’re filled with ideas that are sure to appeal to your site’s visitors. The only problem is: How do you turn those ideas into actual Web-based or mobile applications? That’s where a quality coder comes in. Team up with a freelance PHP developer and let the coding begin. . .

Paul Witschger – Comprehensive Coding Services

As a PHP developer with extensive coding experience in PHP, MySQL, MS SQL, ColdFusion, and C#, Paul Witschger has the expertise needed to translate your ideas into functional applications. Currently based in Austin, Texas, Paul serves as a PHP consultant to businesses of all sizes including one of most prestigious computer manufacturers in the world.

Whether you’re involved with a startup or a Fortune 500 business, hiring a freelance PHP programmer provides you with the coding skills you need – when you need them. With a quality coder like Paul Witschger working on your project, you can expect:

Paul Witschger offers his PHP development and coding skills on a project by project basis, enabling you to get your coding work done at a reasonable cost without a long-term commitment. Go ahead and dream because your ideas can become a reality! From website applications and content management systems to mobile apps and gadgets, all your ideas need is the expertise of a quality coder.

Take a look at Paul’s portfolio, learn more about his PHP coding services, and contact him to discuss your ideas in greater detail.